What I want…

I want this for Christmas:

I want those I love to know I love them. I want to put aside any animosity that once pulled us apart. I want to share this life with the ones who I made happy memories with to make countless more. I want to give the love they gave to me. I want apologies that were given to be accepted, and those that should have been said to be given. I want a place of love, a place of happiness, and joy for everyone in my heart. 

This year has taken a toll on me, and those in my life. I hope anyone who was hurt by all the pain I’ve felt has recovered as I hope to heal from the wounds I suffered. What happened to me isn’t an excuse for the events that transpired afterwards. *see previous posts regarding words are awful weapons* 

As a friend once reminded me, we only get so many trips round the sun… so we may as well spend it well. 

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