Bernie didn’t win…

So… the election is over guys. There is a new president in the Oval Office. It came down to what I originally blogged about… the race between a douche bag and a turd sandwich. Gawd I love South Park. In case you don’t watch that show, 1. I am referring to Hillary and Trump. 2. You’re really missing out on the best social commentary of our time. Possibly ever.


This leads me to ask the million dollar question, why are people still harping on about Bernie? By the way, “Feel the Bern” was seriously one of the worst slogans of all time. That aside, this guy didn’t even get the nomination from the DNC. So why didn’t I hear sh*t until after Trump was elected? I am so confused. It would make more sense to throw a fit  and talk my ear off about the DNC acting foolish versus complaining about a dude that wasn’t even a front runner against Trump.


Seriously. Everyone is like… But Bernie wouldn’t … blah blah blah. Yo. Bernie hasn’t been an option for like a year right? I mean am I crazy here? Did I bump my head and imagine Hillary (who had already lost presidential nominations in the past) was the one who was on the ballot against Trump? Why are people only mad about it now?

Please stop.



Everyone who actually voted.


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