Trust is a funny thing…

For some people, giving trust comes naturally. Others, it has to be earned before it is given. For me, I give it freely until there is a reason to question it. 

I like to remember we are all only human. Mistakes are made and sometimes trust can be shaken in relationships whether it was earned or freely given. It’s the actions after trust has been betrayed that show whether or not it can be repaired. 

There are so many reasons we betray each other’s trust. Many times, it’s unintentional. That is why I try to walk a day in someone else’s shoes before Deciding someone is no longer deserving of my trust. It is such a difficult decision to make when you care about a person, especially when memories and bonds have been formed over time. 

But what happens when someone continues to betray ones trust, possibly for the right reasons, but repeatedly betrays their trust nonetheless?  I’ve been accused of many things in my life. Some are true, some are not. Any time a persons feelings are hurt, it is normal for them to lash out to some degree… but one thing about me is that I am forgiving. Many times when others would not be. 

Today I find myself in the difficult position of understanding why someone very close to me would betray my trust in them with yet another omission of truth. *the truth always eventually comes out* On the one hand, I can understand why I’d be misled. It may have seemed they were sparing my feelings in the moment of the lie or omission. On the other hand, it was another act of dishonesty that has shaken my trust in the whole relationship. This is not the first understandable lie they’ve told. 

What do you do when the trust is broken… to the point of questioning every supposed truth they give you? Is there a path back to the place of trust you once had in them? Or was the trust you had in them something you wanted so badly you imagined when it was never truly there to begin with? 

Myself, I find it easier to speak uncomfortable truths rather than to find myself on the other end of this situation. Has this last lie permanently broken what was left of a shaken trust? I’m trying to find a way out of this blanket of betrayal but don’t know where to start. 

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