What had happened

I started this blog due to the nature of my job and the craziness it exposed me to. The things that I hear or see are pretty intense, so I love to share them with my readers. Shortly after I started my blog, certain life events occurred that I felt like I needed to share and changed the direction of whathadhappenedwasss.com.

I had no idea how many people have lived through similar experiences. My email inbox slowly but surely started filling with suggestions for blogs about matters of the heart. The stories and feelings were so real, I felt compelled to share through this site.

If you have stories of the heart that you would like to have heard, please share them with me! I love reading stories as much as I love sharing them.

*Disclaimer* The majority of my posts make me laugh pretty hard when I am writing them and again when I am reading them to edit before posting. Please excuse any grammatical errors as I think I am funny as hell most of the time and some slip though the cracks. Thanks for your support as always…

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2 thoughts on “What had happened

  1. Da'Mon Jackson

    Love the name of your Blog.I have been saying “WhatHadHappenedWas”since 2005.I still get a laugh wnemever about to tell a story and say that word..

    Liked by 1 person

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